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The Crew

Dave Waterman: President - CLS/CSE

Education: Northeastern University
       Degree: (BS) Electrical & Software Engineering
Education: Wentworth Institute of Technology
      Degree: Civil Engineering & Land Surveying
Experience: 35+ Years  

Richard Nelson: Sr. Project Manager - PLS(MA,VT,ME)

Education: Northeastern University
  Degree: Land Surveying
Education: Merrimack College
  Degree: Civil Engineering
Experience: 30+ Years

Jean Waterman - Vice President

Education: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  Degree: (BS) Mechanical Engineering
 Experience: 20+ Years

Charles Herd - Senior Crew Chief

Experience: 20+ Years    

Timothy McElaney - Engineer

Education: Wentworth
Degree: Civil Engineering Experience: 20+ years

Eric LaRouge - Engineer

Education: Rhode Island College & Community College of Rhode Island 
Degree: Civil Engineering   

James Lang - Engineer

Experience: 25+ Years